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Our Company
KWINA is a professional commitment to non-metallic precision parts processing, assembly and service as one enterprise.
Our aim is to provide a full range of services in the semiconductor field, medical equipment and related electronics industry in parts manufacturing and engineering cases, and through long-term cooperation with the world's leading enterprises in the industry, for "multi-species, a small number of" product features , Has reached the "fast response, multi-level demand service" business, technical capacity and integrated management capabilities.
Cross the company's development philosophy "people-oriented, integration innovation."
1, the industry: non-metallic materials, parts production, imitation and sales.
2, semiconductor: IC test socket, high frequency test socket, POGOPING precision CNC foundry (micro-hole precision machining).
3, medical equipment: POM, PP, PEEK, PPSU, PC and other five medical grade materials.
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