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TOPFINE® R1000< fine plastic material for engineering>

Material characteristics

TOPFINE R1000 is a special board material developed by Toyo plastics Seiko Corporation and resin manufacturer Dongli Corporation, which has dimensional stability and good precision hole processing. In the past, super engineering plastics in the implementation of 10 micron diameter hole, will occur after processing, burr, defective products and other issues, so as the precision micro hole machining material, had to use a portion of material such as whole aromatic polyester resin sheet.
TOPFINE R1000 uses a special resin formula and unique molding technology, the greatest possible to reduce the super engineering plastics processing easy burr problem.
TOPFINE R1000 is based on the excellent dimensional stability of PPS, efficient mixing of a variety of special inorganic particles, it can be said that composite super engineering plastics. Because of this, not only machinability, hole processing improved, and has the cutting process difficult fiber reinforced resin outside of ultra-high rigidity.

Material characteristics

Because of the low water absorption coefficient and low coefficient of linear expansion, the dimensional stability is excellent.
The machinability is good, and burr is seldom occurred in micro machining.

Standard size

Toray  TOPFINE R1000
|Unit:mm||Color:Light gray
Plate 100×200×3~5t
The length, width, thickness and diameter tolerances vary depending on the manufacturer, brand, and grade. Size according to customer requirements.


chip Nests and Sockets

TOPFINE R1000 performance comparison table

Characteristic Project Unit
Test Methods
Mechanical properties Tensile Strength MPa D638 104.9
Stretch extension % D638 60
Bending strength MPa D790 163.8
Bending elasticity GPa D790 3.43
Poisson's ratio - - -
Compressive strength MPa D695 -
Pile impact test value J/m D256 49
Rockwell hardness - D785 M109
Physical characteristics Specific gravity (23 ℃) - D792 1.27
Water absorption (23 ° C, 24Hr) % D570 0.25
Linear expansion coefficient x 10-5/℃ JIS K7197 5.6
Thermal conductivity w/mK E 1530 -
Flammability (UL) - D570 V-0(0.38cm)
Heat resistance Load bending temperature (1.82MPa) D648 175
Continuous use of temperature - -
Glass transition temperature - -
Melting point - 278
Insulation characteristics Dielectric strength MV/m D149 17
Surface impedance Ω D257 -
Volume inherent impedance Ω·cm D257 10^16
Capacitance (106Hz) - D150 5.1
Capacitance tangent (106Hz) - D150 0.002
※ The above physical properties table is representative of the value of raw materials, not the guarantee value of the product.
※ In the data record (-) part, that currently did not get or can not get the data.
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