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Our technology is based on customer needs. Taking drawings or samples as the reference, combined with our understanding of the material market in the past 10 years, we conduct collaborative design and processing to bring you a long, stable and reliable finished product.

Processing Technology

• difficult to machine the plastic material                                 • Maintain excellent finishing and precision
• Controls the handling of burrs and surface finish                 • Annealing and elimination of internal stress
• Accumulation of product experience in different industries
 Nonmetallic materials processing machining  
1, VIP alone constant temperature, humidity, dust-free room.
2, the designated plane, special processing.
3, dedicated testing equipment and testing methods.

Process validation and selected operation procedures

1. confirmation of requirements
2. identification of material properties
3. aperture, spacing, depth confirmation
4. selection of processing technology and processing conditions
5. check the process validation
6. confirmation of production procedure book
7. precision test


Semiconductor manufacturing device, military, liquid crystal manufacturing device, transport machine, aviation / universe, etc.
 Microhole machining 
Reasonable processing environment and advanced processing equipment and our unique understanding of materials to control to for dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances units, improve the system of quality inspection of high precision, can satisfy the customer requirements of the product processing.

Process validation and selected operation procedures

1. identification of machined shape and material properties.
2. aperture, spacing and depth confirmation
3. screening of processing technology and processing conditions
4. validation of test process
5. making program book
6. precision test


Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, semiconductor inspection device, automotive electronics, medical device testing device, etc.
 High-precision machining 
Select the processing characteristics based on the characteristics of the processing materials, the processing of processing shapes, processing conditions, in line with customer requirements of the product processing.

Process validation and selected operation procedures

1. validation of product and customer requirements
2. recognition of machined shapes
3. identification of material properties
4. selection of annealing conditions for various materials
5. selection of processing technology and processing conditions
6. confirmation of production procedure book
7. accuracy verification

Types of processing

3D machining
Process integrated machining
Machining without distortion, distortion, burr
After welding, assembling, processing
High precision plate and bar processing


Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, semiconductor inspection device, liquid crystal manufacturing device, transport machine, aerospace industry testing device, others
provide high-precision welding and bonding for PEEK,which boasts excellent heat, chemical, and wear resistance.

Advantages of welding/bonding PEEK
  • Flexible product sizes - Create shapes that are larger than the size of the material to be processed itself.
  • Flexible design - Create shapes that are unachievable when only machining materials.
  • Lower materials costs - Affordably process shapes that would ordinarily involve the creation of significant waste during the machining process.

Manufacturing process checklist

  • Confirmation of requirements
  • Confirmation of parts to be joined
  • Selection of manufacturing process and conditions
  • Confirmation of post-assembly processing procedures
  • Confirmation of manufacturing procedures
  • Precision inspection


Procedure for connecting multiple parts using a welding rod

  • Suited to designs involving joints with small surface areas
  • Offers more flexibility than bonding in terms of shapes that can be joined


Procedure for joining multiple parts by melting two surfaces together

  • Suited to designs involving joints with large surface areas
  • Suited to specifications involving larger external loads

 Test fixture 

1、 Standard chip test socket

In semiconductor testing, the spring probe test technology plays an important role in chip test sockets, high quality chip testing, engineering debugging and mass production testing. We have very rich experience in high-end chip packaging such as BGA, QFN and QFP. We act as distributors and distributors of famous brand China probes.

2、 PoP chip test bench

PoP(Package on Package) has become the mainstream of chip products packaging, Quada PoP test socket can provide customers with stable testing program.

3、 In-Strip test scenario

In-Strip testing technology has been widely used in traditional packaging chip products. It has greatly reduced costs, and has the advantages of smaller size and fewer pins while improving output.

4、 MEMs test scheme

Because of its special testing characteristics and requirements, MEMS chip testing has become a unique part of the field of semiconductor testing.

5、 System level test application plan

System test program for smart phones, tablet, wireless interface and other electronic terminals. Ensure the customer achieves the purpose of the test.
 Burr removal 
With our many years of understanding of materials, and the accumulation of resin materials processing experience, to maximize the burr avoidance processing technology and deburring technology, to deal with the burr produced.

Process validation and selected operation procedures

1. confirmation of burr production.
2. validation of material properties
3. confirmation of processing conditions
4. confirmation of production procedure book
5. precision test


Medical machines, aerospace industry, analytical instruments, precision machines, etc.
 Medical product processing
Medical grade Medical Grade (MG) is a product category designed for medical technology development. Mainly to the sources of raw materials (German: MG ISO10993-5 and USP in Roechling VI biocompatibility test results), chemical resistance, sterilization, traceability (we are testing the implementation of ISO13485 standard, we ensure compliance with these requirements, check and record).

1、 lightweight and rigid lifting

The replacement of metal parts into PEEK CA30, through changes, products in high strength, light weight, X ray penetration can be greatly improved.

2、 water vapor and penetration

The sterilization box lid material into non crystalline PES (polyethersulfone) resin, improve the durability of sterilization, and because the look inside the can cover the state, improve safety and efficiency.

3、 through the accuracy of parts, improve device performance

The parts are very small (less than 3mm, less than 1mm wide), because PEEK processing can realize the tolerance in the range of 0.01~0.05mm, thus improving the performance of the device.
Quada can provide assembly solutions for individual plastics as well as for other parts of differing materials


Socket Assembly

2、 automation equipment

automation equipment

3、 contact roller

contact roller assembly
In order to meet customer requirements for quality, delivery time and cost, Quada continuously studies the best processing technology.

Comprehensive management office

Assigned to the commissioning factory
Grasp and manage the operation and inventory of all factories
Process management before production

Program center

Make the procedure and unified management of the procedure
Perfect 3D CADCAM in all factories
The program can be sent to the factory via the network
Our factory has passed the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system certification, we flexibly combine the company's corporate culture, the ISO system used in the whole company in all the process. 

Processing equipment

CNC machining center
CNC lathe
CNC machining center
CNC Engraving Center
Post processing details
Quality inspection center

Quality assurance system

In the face of the core tracking service industry products, the establishment of processing raw materials and processing technology tracking service.
 Material tracking service system
Aviation / aerospace industry, medical machine industry, semiconductor industry and other industries
1.Material storage management
Record and manage material storage list
2.Material storage management
Identification of batch numbers
3.Material tracking management
Attached material lot number
4.Product manufacturing process
Identification management implementation, processing, tracking services
 Manufacturing tracking service system
Aviation / aerospace industry, medical machine industry, semiconductor industry and other industries
1.Process instructions
Production process, operational standards
2.Process management
Barcode management processing information
3.Measurement and inspection system
Manage measurement checks in the best environment
4.Process history management
Product production tracking confirmation

Quality inspection equipment and means

Through the use of 2.5 image measuring instruments, projectors, height tester and other testing equipment, to ensure accurate quality control and comprehensive related size records.
With professional training of the company's non-metallic materials and technical engineers who are proficient in the inspection of machined products, strictly control the quality of on-site and first inspection.
In the material order of the material in the order, the manufacturer proves that the products they offer conform to the quality assurance specifications and test data.
2.5 dimensional imager
Antistatic instrument for material surface

Quality control System

Acquired Time:2017/11/02
Certificate No.:Q29171111
Application scope:The production of advanced Plastics Parts,Sales of High-end Packaging and Testing fixture (IC SOCKET.......)
Quada has a special management system for controlling the manufacturing,inspection ,and packaging/shipment  processes for IC equipment materials.

Ultrasonic cleaning and Assembly

Quada can provide ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum packaging if required.
Socket finely assembled
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