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PPS and its modified series

Material characteristics

PPS crystalline resin has very high heat resistance (continuous use temperature of 220 degrees), mechanical strength, rigidity, flammability, corrosion resistance, electrical characteristics and dimensional stability are excellent. In recent years, because of its excellent characteristics, a place in the market.

Material characteristics

Because of the low coefficient of linear expansion and low water absorption, it is excellent in dimensional stability.
Particularly good corrosion resistance, not only acetic acid and other organic acids, and even hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other inorganic acids can be corrosion resistant. And it is also resistant to strong alkali.
Continuous use temperature of 220 degrees, because the glass transfer temperature is only 90 degrees, high load, high temperature use, be sure to pay attention to.
With high strength, high rigidity, excellent in fatigue resistance and creep resistance.
The conductivity and conductivity loss can also be maintained in the high frequency region.

Standard size

Toray's PPS 100% pure material
|Unit:mm||Color: light gray
Plate 1000×500×6~100t
Bar 1000×φ10~150

PPS GF40 (40% glass fiber reinforced)
Plate 1000×620×10~100t
Bar 1000×φ20~15
The length, width, thickness and diameter tolerances vary depending on the manufacturer, brand, and grade. Size according to customer requirements.


Mainly for electrical purposes
Electronic parts
Home audio-visual products
Automobile parts
Mechanical parts
Liquid crystal manufacturing device

PEEK performance comparison table

Characteristic Project Unit
Test Methods
PPS series
PPS pure material PPS G40
Mechanical properties Tensile Strength MPa D638 79 167
Stretch extension % D638 23 2.3
Bending strength MPa D790 128 235
Bending elasticity GPa D790 3.3 11.8
Poisson's ratio - - 0.37 0.4
Compressive strength MPa D695 - -
Pile impact test value J/m D256 15 157
Rockwell hardness - D785 - M80
Physical characteristics Specific gravity (23 ℃) - D792 1.35 1.59
Water absorption (23 ° C, 24Hr) % D570 0.02 0.015
Linear expansion coefficient x 10-5/℃ JIS K7197 2.4-2.9 1.7-6.8
Thermal conductivity w/mK E 1530 0.2 -
Flammability (UL) - D570 V-0 quite
Heat resistance Load bending temperature (1.82MPa) D648 112 260
Continuous use of temperature - 220 220
Glass transition temperature - 88 -
Melting point - 278 -
Insulation characteristics Dielectric strength MV/m D149 15 18
Surface impedance Ω D257 10^15 10^16
Volume inherent impedance Ω·cm D257 10^55 10^16
Capacitance(106Hz) - D150 3.6 4.1
Capacitance tangent(106Hz) - D150 0.0011 0.003
※ The above physical properties table is representative of the value of raw materials, not the guarantee value of the product.
※ In the data record (-) part, that currently did not get or can not get the data.
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