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PEEK and its modified series

Material characteristics

PEEK is a crystalline resin with no previous characteristics. The utility model has the advantages of high heat resistance (continuous use temperature 260 DEG C), high flame resistance and low smoke and corrosive gas when burning, and has excellent heat resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance.

Material characteristics

Excellent resistance to hot water, can be used continuously in steam at 200~260 degrees celsius. A short time of 300 DEG C is also available. It has the highest heat resistance in plastics.
Excellent corrosion resistance, especially under high temperature, acid, alkali resistance is very good. However, it can not resist concentrated sulfuric acid.
Continuous use temperature of 260 degrees, but the glass transition temperature is only 143 degrees centigrade, high load high temperature use, please be sure to pay attention to.
High flame retardant, burning smoke, less toxic gas.
Low friction coefficient.

Standard size

Victrex PEEK450 100% pure material
|Unit:mm||Color:light Grey
Plate 1000×620×5~60t
Bar 1000×φ6~200

PEEK GF30(30% glass fiber reinforced
Plate 1000×620×5~60t
Bar 1000×φ6~200

PEEK CA30(30% carbon fiber reinforced
Palte 1000×620×5~60t
Bar 1000×φ6~200

PEEK ESD60 (Surface resistance 106 ~ 9)
板材 1000×620×5~60t
The length, width, thickness and diameter tolerances vary depending on the manufacturer, brand, and grade. Size according to customer requirements.


Liquid crystal manufacturing device parts
Check device parts
Medical supplies
Automobile parts
Chip Nests and Sockets

PEEK performance comparison table

Test Methods PEEK
Pure material
Plus fiberglass
Tensile Strength psi D638 14,000 24,620
Bending modulus psi D790
Izod impact strength (notch) ft-lbs/in of notch D256 1.6 1.84
Heat distortion temperature @ 264 psi °F D648 306 599
The highest continuous use temperature in the air °F  
Water absorption (soak for 24 hours) % D570
Linear thermal expansion coefficient in/in/°Fx10-5  D696 2.6 1.
Friction coefficient (dynamic)     0.25 0.30  
※ The above physical properties table is representative of the value of raw materials, not the guarantee value of the product.
※ In the data record (-) part, that currently did not get or can not get the data.

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