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PAI[Torlon series, Toray-TI series]

Material characteristics

PAI is a noncrystalline resin. It is a kind of polyamide with excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength, and polyamide with good processability and toughness. The characteristics of heat resistance (continuous use temperature of 250 DEG C), high heat deformation (bending load temperature of 279 DEG C), mechanical properties (especially high tensile strength and impact resistance), fatigue resistance, flame resistance, friction and wear characteristics of high pressure resistance, excellent rupture.

Standard size

Torlon4203 (TI-5013) Pure PAI material
Plate 300(1220)×300×5~40t 
Bar 300(1220)×φ5~120

Torlon4301 (TI-5031) add PTFE and graphite.
Plate 300(1220)×300×5~60t
Bar 300(1220)×φ5~120

Torlon5530 (TI-5023) 30% glass fiber reinforced
Plate 300×500×10~15t
The length, width, thickness and diameter tolerances vary depending on the manufacturer, brand, and grade. Size according to customer requirements.


The main parts of a OA machine.
Electronic component
Industrial machinery (semiconductors, liquid crystal manufacturing devices, parts, gold plated parts, iron, steel, machine parts, etc.)
Automobile parts
Chip Nests and Sockets
Bearing cage
High temperature electrical connector

PAI performance comparison table

Typical characteristics of PAI
Test Methods Pure PAI Bearing grade PAI
Tensile Strength psi D638 21,000 19,000
Bending modulus psi D790
IzodIzod impact strength (notch) ft-lbs/in of notch D256 2.3 2.0
Heat transfer temperature @ 264 psi °F D648 532 534
The highest continuous use temperature in the air °F  
Water (soak for 24 hours) % D570
Linear thermal expansion coefficient in/in/°Fx10-5  D696 1.7 -
※ The above physical properties table is representative of the value of raw materials, not the guarantee value of the product.
※ In the data record (-) part, that currently did not get or can not get the data.
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