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Plastic Pyramid exhibit: non crystallization and crystallization (thermoplastics are divided into these two groups according to their structures). In fact, all thermoplastics are generally divided into three parts based on their thermal stability: plain, engineering and high performance plastics. In addition to the differences outlined above, Pyramid also shows the relative output of different product groups (decreasing at the top of Pyramid).
Plastic material name Key Features Features Applications
PI Features Aromatic polyimide is an ultra-high performance engineering plastic that goes beyond the heat resistance and abrasion resistance of other engineering plastics. Even at high temperatures, there are few physical properties to reduce, and because of the excellent corrosion resistance and other environmental characteristics, has been used in harsh conditions. • The continuous use temperature is 260 ° C and the load bending temperature is 380 ° C. Because there is no melting point, a short time can be used in close to 500 ℃ case.
• Excellent abrasion resistance, especially for low-friction properties at high temperatures, compared to all ultra-high performance engineering plastics.
PAI PAI is a non-crystalline resin, is a combination of excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength of polyimides and polyamide with good processability and toughness. It is characterized by heat resistance (continuous use temperature 250 ℃), high heat resistance deformation (load bending temperature 279 ℃), mechanical properties (especially high tensile strength and impact resistance), fatigue resistance, Friction, abrasion characteristics, high pressure rupture resistance. OA machine main parts.
Electronic parts
Industrial machinery (semiconductor. Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment parts, gold-plated parts, steel machinery parts, etc.)
car parts
Chip Nests and Sockets
Bearing cage
High temperature electrical connectors
PEEK PEEK is a crystalline resin having no characteristics in the past. It is characterized by high heat resistance (continuous use temperature: 260 ° C), and has a high flame resistance, and has very good hot water resistance and corrosion resistance even when the smoke and corrosive gas are released during combustion. • Excellent in hot water resistance and can be used continuously in steam at 200 to 260 ° C. Short time 300 ℃ can also be, with the highest plastic hot water resistance.
• Corrosion resistance is excellent, especially at high temperature acid, alkali resistance is very good. However, can not resist concentrated sulfuric acid.
PPS PPS crystalline resin is very high in heat resistance (continuous use temperature 220 ℃) mechanical strength, rigidity, flame resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical characteristics and dimensional stability are excellent. In recent years, due to its excellent characteristics in the market a place. • Because of low linear expansion coefficient, low water absorption, excellent in dimensional stability.
Corrosion resistance is particularly good, not only acetic acid and other organic acids, even hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other inorganic strong acid can be resistant to corrosion. And also resistant to alkali.
TOPFINE TOPFINE R1000 is a special board material developed by Toyo Plastic Seiko Co., Ltd. and resin manufacturer Toray Co., Ltd. with dimensional stability and good precision hole processing. In the past, since the super engineering plastic was subjected to burrs, post-processing, and defective problems in the case of drilling with a diameter of 10 m, it was used as a material for fine microporous work, and only a part of a material such as a wholly aromatic polyester resin sheet was used. • Excellent water retention, low linear expansion coefficient, and excellent dimensional stability.
• Good machinability and little glitches in micro-hole machining.
CERAMA Ceramic composite PEEK material has excellent dimensional stability, ductility, low moisture absorption and excellent mechanical strength. Is ideal for precision mechanical parts of the original chat, can be resistant to high temperature and chemical resistance are white and gray two colors to choose from. • Dimensional stability.
• Thermal stability.
• High strength and hardness
• Low hygroscopicity
• Chemical resistance
•high purity
ESD ESD semiconductor grade products for component handling and testing processes, as well as CMP processes. Antistatic plastic products for high temperature environments. Antistatic PEEK has a surface resistivity of 106 - 109 ohms / sq. • Permanent static electricity.
High precision machining, low internal stress.
• High strength and rigidity
• Depending on the base polymer, the thermal performance is between 90 ° C and 260 ° C [continuous use temperature]
TPS TPS-POM is a very excellent product of balance, due to precision machining products, large-scale material needs increased, so the need for deformation of less excellent processing material. Toray has developed the SUPER-POM board with low deformation grade material under constant pursuit of the best forming method and tempering method.
• The amount of deformation is 1/4 of the ordinary product.
• When the temperature is below 140 ° C, the dimensional change in thickness and length is almost zero.
• High Due to the change in size and shape change during machining, the machining time can be greatly reduced.
List of uses


To achieve lightweight, high strength plastics are used.

Reasons for adoption        Light weight, abrasion resistance, mechanical strength of resin material
Adoption case                     Automobile field, automobile bearing cage
Texture of material            SUSTAPEEK CF30

Chemical resistance

Excellent chemical resistance, the use of chemical reagents, products and fixtures in the process of corrosion protection, treatment and cleaning.

Reasons for adoption        Resistance to chemical corrosion, heat resistance, mechanical strength and machining accuracy of resin materials
Adoption case                     Wafer holder for semiconductor field and cleaning device
Texture of material            PEEK450G

Wear resistance

The abrasion resistance of the resin is adopted by various sliding parts.

Reasons for adoption        Wear resistance, heat resistance, FDA fit
Adoption case                     The field of food manufacturing and mixing scrapers
Texture of material            PEEK450G, TORLON4301

Heat resistance

The abrasion resistance of the resin is adopted by various sliding parts.

Reasons for adoption        Heat resistance, low degassing, not easy to break
Adoption case                     Solar cell field, glass substrate holding member of film forming device
Texture of material            VESPEL SP. / MELDIN, 7001

Low degassing

The resin is used in vacuum units and parts requiring low outgassing in space.

Reasons for adoption        Low outgassing, heat resistance and insulation at high temperature
Adoption case                     Automobile field, automobile bearing cage
Texture of material            VESPEL SP. /. MELDIN, 7001

No damage to the product

In order to avoid damage to the component, the resin is directly contacted with the product, and the fixture is adopted.

Reasons for adoption        Not easy to damage products, heat resistance, eliminate static electricity
Adoption case                     Electronic component field, connector of welding line machine, adsorption socket head
Texture of material            VESPEL, SP211, PEEK, ESD, PE-UHMW-ESD
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