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Cerama® PEEK< fine plastic alloy sheet for hole processing>

Material characteristics

PEEK ceramic composite material has excellent dimensional stability, ductility, low moisture absorption and excellent mechanical strength. Is the ideal mechanical components of raw materials, anti high temperature and anti chemical corrosion are white and gray two colors available.

Material characteristics

An excellent dimensional stability: low hygroscopicity, low creep, high modulus, metallic CLTE, moisture absorption and low expansion coefficient
Sales can be processed with very strict tolerances: low flanging, close spacing and diameter of Kong Jianrong
The wear resistance and ductility excellent: insert in the 100 thousand film, good anti impact performance to maintain tolerance
The electrical characteristics of an extremely stable electrical insulating low hygroscopicity and good nature
The basic thermal stability: compatible with a wide range of temperatures, maintain physical examination and heat aging
An economy: CeramaPEEK is more economical than with competitive products.
200 micron hole parts magnify view

Standard size

|Unit:mm||Color:White / light gray| 
Plate 305×305×(3~25t)
Bar Ø(6~50) x 1000mm

PIPER KYRONTM2204(High Performance Ceramic PEEK)
|Unit:mm||Color:White / light gray| 
Plate 254×254×6.35~25.4t

The length, width, thickness and diameter tolerances vary depending on the manufacturer, brand, and grade. Size according to customer requirements.


chip Nests and Sockets

TOPFINE R1000 performance comparison table

Characteristic Project Test Methods
  tensile strength D638 15,500 psi
Tensile elongation D638 21.00%
Tensile modulus D638 720,000 psi
Bending strength D790 36,500 psi
Bending modulus D790 750,000 psi
Compressive strength D695 18,000 psi
Hardness (Rockwell) D785 125
Cantilever Beam Impact Strength - Notch D256
Cantilever beam impact strength - no gap D256 No break
Thermodynamic performance Melting point DSC 649°F
Glass transition temperature (Tg) DSC 289°F
Continuous use temperature (RTI) UL746B 464°F
Thermal deflection temperature @ 264psi D648 599°F
Hot linear expansion coefficient E831 2.0x10^-5/°F^-1
Thermal conductivity C177 2.40Btu in./hr.ft^2.0 °F
Electrical performance Medium strength, S / T in oil D149 400VPM
Dielectric coefficient, 1MHz, dry D150 3.5
Dissipation factor, 1MHz, dry EOS S11.11 <0.0050
Volume / surface resistivity EOS S11.11 1.0x10^14Ω sq
Other density D792 1.51
Hygroscopicity 24h, 73 ° F D57 0.00%
※ The above physical properties table is representative of the value of raw materials, not the guarantee value of the product.
※ In the data record (-) part, that currently did not get or can not get the data.

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