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KWINA has been involved in a wide range of proposals in various industries, and will introduce some of the proposals so far.

Case Semiconductor industry

Change the shape of the material with the parts in the equipment and the method of machining
    Case           Changes in the corresponding shape of the welding process and material changes.
    Effect          The material changes can be successfully carried out in terms of strength and other conditions.
By changing the quartz into PEEK material, the method of welding process is adopted, which can completely meet the requirements of strength, fracture and other conditions. After that, the application in other fields is also progressing smoothly.

Case FPD optoelectronics industry

Improve the durability of assembly internals
    Case           Change the material from ceramic to VESPEL SP-1 (PI).
    Effect          Reduce the damage of parts caused by cracks and improve the durability of parts.
Through the use of heat (260 degrees C) VESPEL resin, can reduce the damage caused by crack, reducing the frequency of replacement.

Case Automobile and aircraft manufacturing industry

Smart lightweight structures reduce cost and weight
    Case           Change the metal parts to PEEK, and then change the weight and cost.
    Effect          Improved abrasion resistance and light weight.
The outside temperature of the engine can exceed 350 degrees C, which is the typical hottest part of the aircraft. By changing to wear resistance and high temperature resistant PBI material, some specific requirements are solved.

Case Medical instrument industry

Lightweight and functional improvements
    Case           Change metal parts to TORLON (PAI).
    Effect          Lightweight and X - ray penetrable.
By changing the mechanical strength of TORLON (PAI), high strength lightweight, anti bactericidal, X ray transparency and durability are achieved, and other generic polymers are not available.

Case Food and beverage industry

Material change within parts of the equipment and change in shape corresponding to material changes
    Case           Change the SUS part to PEEK450G, and then change the shape.
    Effect          Wear resistance is improved.
PEEK push rod
By changing the PEEK material with good wear resistance, the problems existing in the use of SUS parts are solved, and the requirements for use and cost are fully satisfied.

Case Aerospace Industry

Material change within parts of the equipment and change in shape corresponding to material changes
    Case           Change the metal parts to PAI and change functions accordingly.
    Effect          The wear resistance, light weight, impact resistance and heat insulation are improved.
By changing the strength of high strength PAI and peek based materials to provide lightweight, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and heat insulation, other generic polymers are not available.

Case Other industry

The exploitation of oil and gas is very bad
    Case           Change components to PEEK, PAI, and then change functions.
    Effect          High temperature, high pressure and safety are improved.
Oil and gas
The condition of high temperature and high pressure existing in the worst underground environment improves safety and optimum effect state by changing component PAI or PEEK.
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